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The alarm has sounded, the trumpets are blowing and heaven is watching. The incredible journey of a believer begins at the starting line, Jesus has finished the work of the Cross and is looking for men and women who are hungry to live out the fullness of life which he has promised. At I AM Ministries, we are passionate about empowering individuals to transition from merely seeing and hearing about the Gospel of Jesus Christ to ultimately living out the life and power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

How wonderful it is when you have been given the opportunity to immerse yourself in Christ. The disciples of the early Church could not get enough of Christ and their lives resembled that. Living and dwelling with Jesus was the ultimate experience, and merely seeing him was transforming. Each disciple was trained to eat with him, serve with him, walk with him, and act like him. The essence of the Lord Jesus Christ in the life of believers was so empowering that his disciples became noticed in every village, town or home they went. Living with God is a life changing experience, and it is still available to those who want to experience his love, intimacy and power.

It is our hope and desire that each follower of the Lord Jesus Christ devotes themselves in the study the Word on a daily bases. Understanding Christ forgiveness, love, grace, and sacrifice can bring you to a new place in your walk with God. If you are interested in finding out more information about our discipleship classes feel free to contact us at 786-529-IAMM (4266) or you may also request more information by attending one of our worship services on Sunday mornings.

Discipleship Topics: 

1. What is Christianity?
2. What is Salvation?
3. Spirit, Soul, Body
4. Mastering Temptation & Sin
5. Equipping & winning the war
6. Confessing Sin
7. God' forgiveness
8. Repentance & Water Baptism
9. Divine Healing
10. Communion with the Holy Spirit
11. God's will
12. The Word, Prayer, Worship
13. Dealing with  Shame & Condemnation
14. How to make Godly Decisions
15. The Seven Priorities - Life in Order
16. The Orphan Spirit
17. Deliverance
18. Sold out & What have I lost?
19. Understanding your Bible

Discipleship Classes:

Every member should be growing in discipleship by being mentored and mentoring someone else. This provides rapid growth at all levels of Church and Christ maturity. Mentoring helps to fulfill the biblical mandate for all Christians to be equipped for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11,12). Discipleship classes can be taken by continually participating in one of our cell groups. The result of all-members being equipped for ministry is a natural lifestyle and discipline that we should all seek.

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